Introducing the new group chat

Posted on 6/25/2012 by Paul Iliffe, Product Manager

A few weeks ago we announced that group chat was on its way. We’ve been testing it in beta for the last couple weeks and are happy to start making it available to an initial group of users today.

The new feature allows chat conversations with up to 14 people included. All the participants in a group can invite other users, and the creator of the group can change the name along with the group photo.

We hope the group chat is as big of a success among our users as our chat, which currently sees up to 400 million daily messages, or our video chat, with over 52 million video sessions since its launch.

This launch marks our continued progression as a private, secure communications platform. Users can decide how they want to communicate with the people they care about, whether by chat, sharing on the social network, or by phone with Tuenti Mobile. And more updates are on the way…

I’d like to thank the team for all their hard work in completing this project. If our users enjoy this new communication tool, it will all be worth it!

Changes in Tuenti Mobile’s contract rate

Posted on 6/21/2012 by Steve James, Director of Tuenti Mobile Marketing

We’re debuting a new rate for our contract users that takes away the need for a data pass. This provides better service for users that do not consume a high amount of data or who rely more heavily on calls, but that want to continue enjoying our social service provider.

This new rate is available for the SIM Only option because, as you know, we only offer smartphones in our store to continue encouraging total connectivity. This new rate is another step in our efforts to let users communicate however they prefer: by chat, on the social network, and now with a stronger focus on airtime for calls.

This change does not affect the single rate for calls to any service provider at any time for 3 cents/min. Data used outside of a pass has a single rate of 8 cents/MB, and the minimum monthly consumption is €9. In addition to these rates, users can contract a 1GB data pass for €6 or a 3GB pass for €15, which are valid for 30 days.

Important updates to Tuenti Mobile prepaid accounts

Posted on 6/18/2012 by Alberto Núñez, Product Manager

Throughout the last few months, our engineering team has been working on improvements to the prepaid infrastructure with the goal of providing new features that will allow our users to control the details of their account.

As a result of that hard work, we released several updates last week specifically for prepaid users, reaffirming our commitment to guarantee a better mobile service centered on Internet use.

The visual changes to the prepaid account are worth highlighting, now in line with the design of our contract accounts. It’s simpler and more organized, centering the attention on one of our foundational values: mobile Internet. In response to the enormous amount of requests from users, the prepaid account also now includes a data counter, allowing users to track their usage of the 1 and 3GB data passes.

For users that consume a large amount of data, we’ve included a new option that allows them to change from a 1GB to a 3GB pass at any time, without losing their remaining data. If a 1GB pass is used up before its expiration date, the user will be able to upgrade to a 3GB pass and stay connected to the Web.

We’ve also implemented a recommendation system that will advise the users to change to a 3GB pass if their consumption is high enough.

Finally, we improved the account history by including filters to search by calls, SMS, data outside of a pass, and changes in balance related to the service. We’ve included more complete information, identifying roaming and video calls.

Making Tuenti better every day

Posted on 6/06/2012 by Sebastián Muriel, VP of Corporate Affairs

These are busy months at Tuenti as we work on significant improvements for simple, private social communication. We continue pushing towards total connectivity—reliable ways to communicate with real friends from any device, anytime.

There will also be big news about our international activity, which we laid a foundation for last year by opening registration to users outside of Spain and then beginning to add new languages in January.

We believe that the future of social communication will be based on innovation, with more mobile activity and users that place higher value on security and privacy in their communications. We see a future in which users are permanently connected. A future in which social communication will be even more mobile based on the reality of a permanent Internet connection.

The world of social communication continues evolving, and we will be presenting some important developments in the coming weeks. In the midst of the changes, we believe that social networks are successful today because they offer better communication solutions than previous options. As new improvements and innovation continue appearing, we will see a change in the customs and habits of users. Each one of us, as users, will define the future of Tuenti.

We’ll give you all the details soon. In the meantime, we’d like to publicly thank the entire technical team at Tuenti for their enormous effort in recent days to work towards a better Tuenti.

New pilot project for distributing Tuenti Mobile in 5 stores

Posted on 6/05/2012 by Tuenti Mobile team

This week we’re launching a pilot project for the commercialization of our mobile service in 5 locations in Movistar’s network of stores in Madrid. This marks another step in our efforts to make our products easily available to users, who could previously only buy our mobile service and products from our online store.

A “SIM Only” pack will be available for prepaid service for just €12, including €5 of credit and a 1GB data pass. For postpay, the SIM Only pack is only €7 and also includes the 1GB data pass. Several of the phones available on Tuenti’s online store will also be available for purchase in the physical locations. We offer a ZTE Racer II with a prepaid SIM card for €79, or a Samsung Galaxy Mini for €129. And postpay users can choose between a BlackBerry 8520 White, a Samsung Galaxy Ace, or a Sony Ericsson Neo V. Phones purchased with a postpay contract can be paid for in installments as low as €10.25/month.

We continue working to offer our users total connectivity with the people that they really care about, whether through our web platform or our mobile site and applications, and faciliate communication with our MVNO—the social mobile service with the simplest rates and best data plans on the market.


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