The new cell phone brand Tuenti has arrived in Guatemala!

Posted on 6/27/2017 by Jorge Sánchez, Director of Tuenti Global

Today we're celebrating because we've just launched a new Tuenti operation in Latin America. This time in Guatemala where we're presenting the new cell phone brand Sin Pajas!, which means without complications or obligations.

In line with our 100% digital strategy and positioning for all our operations, Tuenti in Guatemala is presenting itself as the prepaid solution focused on a segment of young people who want to always be connected.

As part of its value proposition, the brand will offer cell service with no contract or obligations, totally digital customer service 24/7 via the app chat, that empowers users to control how much data they consume, and a commercial offer based in combos.

Today at Tuenti Argentina, Ecuador, Spain and Peru, we officially welcome the Guatemalan team to the family as we embark on the new sin pajas adventure of Tuenti in Guatemala. If you want to know more, don't miss this video.

Argentina, our third operation in Latin America

Posted on 11/18/2014 by Sebas Muriel, COO

Today we are launching our cell phone carrier service in Argentina, making it our fourth market -including Spain- and the third in Latin America, following the launch of Tuenti Mexico and Tuenti Peru in recent months.

This launch integrates the Quam brand and its operations. The service, which was introduced in Argentina a year ago, is now focused on the segment of young people to address the strategy of supporting Tuenti as a global company and product. Our young and dynamic cell phone service is presented with a commercial offering focused on data for people who use the Internet a lot on their cell phones. It focuses on innovation and technology as differentiating elements, allowing it to complete and enrich the user experience for customers offered by Quam thanks to the value-added services included in our mobile application, which may be used for free and allows making voice over IP calls, chatting or sharing photos. We are developing the first global cloudphone company that differentiates us from other carriers by using our app to integrate value-added services for customers in the cloud like no other carrier.

As of today, the new website will be operational with the new branding that contains the commercial offering being launched for the Argentinean market. This service and brand renewal will be backed by a commercial campaign in advertising media as well as in the new Twitter and Facebook profiles. The commercial offering being presented today focuses on digital aspects through very competitive weekly and monthly tariffs. It is a simple commercial offering aimed at young audiences. This first phase of the international launch in Argentina includes an initial basic integration of Tuenti's mobile application that offers simplified account management in the application itself along with features for calling (it allows making voice calls through the Internet--VoIP--from app to app), chatting and sharing photos. It also includes a collaborative customer support service among customers that is fully online.

That global Tuenti model is the foundation of what we have launched in Spain and what we are progressively rolling out in other markets, such as Mexico, Peru, and now Argentina. We are taking the first steps. We will soon integrate new, innovative projects such as VOZDIGITAL in order to continuously improve the user experience of our customers and going a step forward into our strategy in order to transform communications completely.

Tuenti arrives in Peru as a new cell phone carrier

Posted on 10/06/2014 by Zaryn Dentzel, CEO

We continue to grow. In line with the strategy we have been carrying out in Spain and in Mexico, as well as our positioning that is focused on the most innovative mobile communication, today marks the start of our cell phone service in Peru, which has become our second cell phone carrier market in Latin America following the launch of Tuenti Mexico.

We have a global cell phone carrier model. Technology and innovation are differentiating elements in the market that set us apart from other carriers while competing in the field of mobile applications, providing customers with value by integrating Internet communication services and telecommunications services with a multi-platform cloud experience. Having an operation like ours in Peru gives a strong degree of added value to progress in terms of scale as well as critical mass. It also serves as a measurement device to improve the experience of users with feedback from customers in various countries.

Tuenti Peru, which has in place a team and an office in Lima, today launched the web site to present the service. This site contains the commercial offering being made available to the Peruvian market as well as the points of sale of SIMs. An ad campaign will be carried out in the media, and Twitter and Facebook profiles have been created. The digital offering being presented in Peru consists of tariffs that are adapted to the market as well as 5, 10, and 15-day plans. This is a simple and ground-breaking proposal that stands out in the market because of its focus on technology as a differentiating factor.

This initial phase of the international launch in Peru includes a basic integration of the Tuenti mobile application that offers simplified account management in the application itself along withfeatures for calling, chatting and sharing photos. We will soon integrate new, innovative projects in order to continuously improve the user experience of our customers. Tuenti Peru is here. Welcome to the Tuenti family!

We have launched Tuenti as a cell phone carrier in Latin America

Posted on 6/16/2014 by Zaryn Dentzel, CEO and founder

This is an important day in Tuenti's history--we are taking a major step by transferring our experience as a different cell phone carrier to Latin America. Along the lines of the strategy we have been carrying out for some time as well as of our positioning focused on the most innovative mobile communication, today marks the start of our presence as an international cell phone service with the Beta launch of the Tuenti carrier in Mexico.

We have a global mobile virtual network operator model. Our commitment to technology and innovation is what sets us apart from all other carriers on the market, and that model is the basis of what we will progressively roll out in other markets, as we are currently doing in Mexico. Under the Tuenti brand, a specific commercial proposal will be implemented in each country with the necessary local adjustments, but always with a common technological platform that will progressively include the technological product improvements that our engineering team develops.

Just as in Spain, in Latin America Tuenti will be a cell phone carrier that is centered on data and social aspects, targeting the market segment that makes the most use of the Internet on their cell phones--young people. Aside from a 100% digital offering with very competitive prices, Tuenti is positioned as the most innovative carrier, the only one with an integrated communication app, and with value-added services. This initial international launch phase will include a basic integration of our mobile application, simplified account management in the app, and the Zerolímites service that allows customers to use the Tuenti app to make calls (VoIP), chat or share photos, without consuming credit or data allowances.

This is only the first step, but the service will continue to be developed in the upcoming months. Customer experiences will be constantly improved with new innovative projects that will be presented progressively and will revolutionize the existing cell phone market in Spain as well as in Latin America.

Continued development of the New Tuenti: Web Novelties

Posted on 11/27/2012 by Phil Arkcoll, VP of Product

We're continuing to incorporate new and popular features to Tuenti’s new international web interface such as games and events. These elements are visible to all users who have registered since Tuenti’s international launch a few months ago. We have opened access to the Beta of our new web interface to a small percentage of those users who have been with us since before the launch and are still using Tuenti Classic. The new interface has a cleaner appearance and is more focused on communication tools. Like all of the products we develop, the opinion of our users is fundamental. Thus, we encourage everyone who tries the new Tuenti to send us their first impressions.

In order to make this process of change easier, we’ve created a simple transition guide that gives a step-by-step explanation of the most significant changes and those which our users will encounter the moment they start using the site in the new design. At any time, users can switch back to Tuenti Classic.

In addition, we’ve added one of our “star” features: events. Within the new design, event invitations and comments will still appear in the notifications center, and direct access can be found in the Options menu. 

We’ve also integrated Games which one of the features that users spend the most time using. Like events, suggestions for participating in new games will appear directly in the notifications center, and access to games has been simplified as they are now available directly from the universal search bar.

There’s still more: since the redesign of the Tuenti Móvil store, we’ve also updated the appearance of Tuenti Móvil accounts. From the Options tab, users can directly access the store and the profile, allowing them to control every aspect of their account including their call log and all of the online support tools.

We’re very proud of the new Tuenti, but we know that change isn’t always easy. That’s why our users will be able to switch back and forth between the new Tuenti and Tuenti Classic as many times as they’d like. Soon we’ll have more news about features in the new Tuenti which will help us to move closer to our goal of developing an international and multi-platform website for communication and mobile that is also the most simple, secure and private.

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