Young Spaniards: ‘Is it better not to call when you are abroad?’

Posted on 9/11/2015 by Communication Team

Summer is ending and we’re wondering how young Spaniards have been using their cell phones: calling more or less than other years, connecting to the internet when abroad or not, disconnecting during the holidays… These are the results we’ve obtained:

Half of those surveyed confirm that they never disconnect their cell phone during their holiday (53%), compared with 3% who do and 44% who disconnect it “for short whiles.”

Of the 17.7% of people surveyed who went abroad, more than half (64.5%, representing 11.5% of the total number) indicated that they avoid making calls outside of Spain as they are very expensive, while only 23.7% (4% of the total number surveyed) said that they made more calls than in other years. The rest made calls, but less than previous years.

The 35.5% of surveyed individuals who said they did make calls while on holiday abroad highlighted that the majority of calls were Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls. A total of 59.4% of those calls were made using the internet, meaning that the use of new technology in this field is a reality today, given that the number of VoIP calls surpasses that of traditional calls.

If you would like to read the whole report, click here.

75% of young Spaniards celebrated the holidays via chat

Posted on 1/07/2015 by Communications Team

Today we present the results of the latest study carried out by Tuenti Móvil in collaboration with IPSOS that reveal how respondents celebrated this Christmas and New Year: 75% of those surveyed did so via chat using images, emoticons, inspirational phrases or New Year’s resolutions. 12% said that they still send cards and 2% use SMS. On the other hand, 8% of those surveyed confessed to being a Grinch and not celebrating Christmas.

34% of respondents claimed that group chats are the best way to celebrate Christmas, 22% preferred GIFs (animations), while 19% opted for memes (images) as the best way to reflect the essence of these holidays on their cell phone. Without a doubt, any of these expressions offer clear evidence of the intense use of cell phones and internet in our daily lives.

All the results of the study are available here.

Do you remember when the last time you turned off your cell phone was?

Posted on 11/26/2014 by Communications Team

We are publishing the results of the latest studies carried out by Tuenti Móvil in collaboration with IPSOS, a market research company, on the usage habits and opinions of young people regarding mobile Internet. This edition reveals, among other results, that 67.4% of those surveyed admit that they never turn off their cell phone willingly, and instead only do so when their battery has run out.

In fact, 74.4% of those surveyed state that they never turn off their cell phone or they do not remember the last time they did so. This confirms the integration of smartphones and mobile devices in peoples' daily activities. This integration is becoming increasingly extended and natural in all the aspects of everyday life.

All of the results obtained from the study are available here.

Smartphones with more than ten apps

Posted on 10/21/2014 by Communication Team

Today we present the results of the latest study we have carried out in collaboration with the market research company IPSOS on the usage habits and opinions of young people regarding mobile Internet. Among other results, this edition has revealed that 69.2% of those surveyed have more than ten apps on their smartphone and that 99% have an instant messaging app installed. Given the high percentage of instant messaging application users, it is not surprising that 89.8% of those individuals state to be "connected all day".

All the information from the latest study on app types is available here.

Tuenti arrives in Peru as a new cell phone carrier

Posted on 10/06/2014 by Zaryn Dentzel, CEO

We continue to grow. In line with the strategy we have been carrying out in Spain and in Mexico, as well as our positioning that is focused on the most innovative mobile communication, today marks the start of our cell phone service in Peru, which has become our second cell phone carrier market in Latin America following the launch of Tuenti Mexico.

We have a global cell phone carrier model. Technology and innovation are differentiating elements in the market that set us apart from other carriers while competing in the field of mobile applications, providing customers with value by integrating Internet communication services and telecommunications services with a multi-platform cloud experience. Having an operation like ours in Peru gives a strong degree of added value to progress in terms of scale as well as critical mass. It also serves as a measurement device to improve the experience of users with feedback from customers in various countries.

Tuenti Peru, which has in place a team and an office in Lima, today launched the web site to present the service. This site contains the commercial offering being made available to the Peruvian market as well as the points of sale of SIMs. An ad campaign will be carried out in the media, and Twitter and Facebook profiles have been created. The digital offering being presented in Peru consists of tariffs that are adapted to the market as well as 5, 10, and 15-day plans. This is a simple and ground-breaking proposal that stands out in the market because of its focus on technology as a differentiating factor.

This initial phase of the international launch in Peru includes a basic integration of the Tuenti mobile application that offers simplified account management in the application itself along withfeatures for calling, chatting and sharing photos. We will soon integrate new, innovative projects in order to continuously improve the user experience of our customers. Tuenti Peru is here. Welcome to the Tuenti family!


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