New design, new experience: focusing on communication

Posted on 3/02/2016 by Paul Iliffe, VP Product

.Tuenti has changed a great deal in recent years: we have gone from being Spain's largest social network to become a digital operator which is a standard-bearer for innovation, is always at the service of our customers to facilitate and enhance their communication, and which currently operates in 5 countries.

The reason for this change lies in the fact that the profile of our users has evolved dramatically during this time, with the priority now on direct communication between people - mainly through VozDigital - but also on the other communication features and products that we offer.

In our mission to enhance people's communications, we wanted to look at things from another perspective and we started working on a new version of the application with three very clear objectives:

  • We wanted an application that was made to communicate and which placed a special focus on calling;
  • An application that needed no explanation and was easy and natural for users,
  • That would involve a unique experience, both for our customers and users.

This process made us completely rethink the structure of the information and all the elements that make up our app, and led us to approach the development of the new version as if it were a completely new application, where we should only include things that comply with the principles we had defined. And so, after great teamwork involving the whole company, today we present the new version of our new application!

As part of this revamp, this new version of the app enables our users to reminisce about old times by offering the ability to create a video with the most popular photos from their .Tuenti experience which they can share on social networks. In addition, we provide the option to download all the photos in a ZIP file sorted by folders, one of the most requested features.

What's more, we are giving away 50 free VozDigital minutes so that all those users can get to know the company's new reality. Without needing to change operator or become a .Tuenti client, anyone can have their phone number in the cloud, in an app, so that you can use it on any device (phone, computer or tablet) to make calls to national and international landlines and cell phones, even without your SIM card and without GSM coverage (via a WiFi network). Whichever operator you're with.

Update the .Tuenti app and you're done!

New Profile and Premium Page Covers!

Posted on 5/22/2013 by Bartek Kunowski, Product Manager

We’re introducing a much more visual design on Tuenti profiles and Premium Pages as one of the many ways in which we continue to improve the platform. Starting today, personal spaces will be integrated into the profile’s infocard, allowing users to see their videos, images, and posted personal space texts within the same area.

This new functionality makes the personal space a more important part of the profile while making the browsing experience more convenient with a centrally-located carrousel that eases user experience. Videos in the personal space now appear as still shots and are larger and more eye-catching. The traditional video player will still remain in use.

Tuenti Premium Page Administrators will also be able to take advantage of this new feature because their Pages will now come with an area for adding a cover image (just like in the profile personal space), that allows them to customize their Premium Page and grab the attention of their followers.

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