This summer, half-price data Bonoplus

Posted on 6/16/2015 by Gema Perona, Head of Loyalty

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. In addition to the availability of 4G and the option to try .Tuenti before signing up, this summer our customers will enjoy half-price data Bonoplus.

So, when our customers use up all the data in their Bundle, they just need to use the .Tuenti app to buy a Bonoplus from the Account section, and voilà. From today until September 25, data Bonoplus’ will be priced as follows: 300MB for 1.5€, 500MB for 2.5€ and 1GB for 4€.

Because data’s there to be used, especially in the summer! Find out all the info on the promo here.

We present Bonoplus for postpaid customers

Posted on 12/10/2014 by Marta Padilla, Product Manager

At Tuenti Móvil, we continue working on developing the most complete service offering, which is why today we present for our postpaid customers the 300 MB expansion bundles for €3, 500 MB for €5, and 1 GB of data for €8 (VAT included), as well as the VOZDIGITAL Bonoplus with 50 minutes for €2, 100 minutes for €3.50, and 200 minutes for €6 (VAT included).

These new postpaid Bonoplus are in addition to the prepaid ones. Now, all our customers may top up minutes or data and continue talking or browsing at the best price. Just like the prepaid Bonoplus, the postpaid Bonoplus may also be added at any time through the app or the user's profile in the Tuenti website as many times as needed, even before running out. This means that VOZDIGITAL minutes and existing data allowances are accumulated, so any MB that are not consumed are not lost since they are activated when the 30-day Internet Bundle has run out.

All the information about Bonoplus is available in our Help section ;)

We present the 1GB Bonoplus for prepaid customers

Posted on 8/14/2014 by Susana Guio, Product Manager

The team at Tuenti Móvil continues to work on the data offerings for its customers with the introduction of a new 1GB data expansion bundle for prepaid customers that costs 8 euros (VAT included).

This new Bonoplus joins the 300MB and 500MB bundles so customers never run out of data allowances, while surfing the Internet at the best price. This new 1GB Bonoplus works the same way as the others. It can be purchased as many times as necessary before the 30-day Bundle has run out. Once 80% of the bundle has been consumed, and without losing any remaining MB, the 30-day Internet Bundle will be activated once it has run out completely.

All the information about Bonoplus is available in our Help section ;)

The New 500 MB Bonoplus is Now Available

Posted on 1/31/2014 by The Tuenti Móvil Team

Our data offer for Tuenti Móvil clients keeps getting better. We’ve just added a new 500 MB extension bundle for €5 (VAT included) for prepaid lines. This new Bonoplus joins the 300 MB Bonoplus which we’ve also lowered in price to €3 (VAT included). Now there are two ways in which clients can extend our 1 GB and 1.5 GB bundles so that they never run out of data and browse at the best prices.

The new 500 MB Bonoplus can be added on to the 30-day data bundle once a client has up 80% it, and Bonoplus will be activated when the original bundle runs out entirely. This way, clients will never lose unused data. Bonoplus can also be added on as many times as necessary before the monthly bundle expires.

We’ve been listening to our clients and that’s why we’ve simplified our tariffs as much as possible, making them even more competitive. We still have new things in store for responding to the needs of Tuentimovilers. Find out more about Bonoplus here. ;)

Presenting Tuenti Móvil as the first social, in-the-cloud MVNO with tariffs that are simpler and more competitive

Posted on 1/23/2014 by Sebas Muriel, Chief Operating Officer, and Alejandro Vázquez-Guillén, VP of Business Development, Marketing and Sales

At the press conference this morning, we presented the new company strategy and the new tariffs of the mobile operator on a stage full of clouds. We’re developing an operator that’s very different than the rest due to our cutting-edge investment in technology and innovation, and an integrated social communications app which sets us apart from all of the other mobile operators in today’s market. We’re the very first Telco 2.0, and we’re developing unique, in-the-cloud services which allow clients to use our services no matter where they are, from any device. Tuenti Móvil is a high quality, simple, and transparent service. We, as an operator, understand clients better than anyone else. We were the very first Tuenti Móvil users, and we want to respond effectively and in the way we know best, with what we really need: the best communications service, the most advanced technology, and the most competitive tariffs on the market. We are a Cloud Phone Company invested in developing integrated, in-the-cloud communication services for operator clients.

Starting today, our Tuenti Móvil tariffs are simpler and more competitive than ever. We offer 3 tariffs for both prepaid and contract clients, which are available both online and in stores. We’ve been listening to our clients and we’ve innovated within the market once again with unbeatable tariffs and an investment in value added services that no other MVNO can offer.

These are our new tariffs, presented under the slogan The best gig of your life: a 1 GB monthly bundle with calls at 0 cents/minute for the first 30 minutes + connection fee, for 7.25 euros (VAT included); a 1 GB monthly with 75 minutes and free calls to any operator for 10.75 euros (VAT included), and another monthly bundle with 1.5 GB and 150 minutes of free calls to any operator for 18 euros (VAT included). All bundles include the Zerolímites service.

We also announced the upcoming launch of a new BonoPlus extension bundle for prepaid lines with the Monthly Internet Bundles: in addition to the 300 MB for 3 euros (VAT included) that will lower in price, a new 500 MB BonoPlus bundle for 5 euros (VAT included) will be available. Both Bundles can be purchased as many times as a client wishes once s/he has consumed at least 80% of the monthly bundle, without losing unused MBs, since BonoPlus is activated once the Monthly Internet Bundle has run out entirely.

Tuenti Móvil clients and users of the Tuenti app can use the integrated management services for free, which are located in the “Tuenti Móvil” tab in the app’s side menu. There, clients can view their available credit, the data they’ve used, check messages, see their call histories, top up credit, purchase Bundles, etc. In addition to offering direct access to the customer support service, it is totally integrated with the communication services that allow for chatting, photo sharing, sounds, and video messages with Tuenti contacts and friends.

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