An extra 3GB to browse nonstop this summer

Posted on 4/04/2016 by Jose Novo, Customer Loyalty

How would our customers feel if we told them that the data they use during April and May would be refunded to them in July and August? That’s right. They’d be delighted.

Just as a boomerang comes back to you, the data you use in spring will be added to your tariff in summer, i.e., we’ll refund you the data in order to ensure your holidays are perfect.

Both postpaid and prepaid customers (whose tariff remains active until the end of August) who are not taking advantage of the .Double promo can receive up to 1.5 GB extra in July and 1.5 GB extra in August, depending on what they have used previously.

You can find all the details on this promotion here. Now all you need to do is browse and join the boomerang effect ;)

Is there a coder in the room?

Posted on 3/11/2016 by Daniel Pañeda, Principal Software Engineer and Alfredo Beaumont, Senior Software Engineer

The date many fans of computing challenges have been waiting for is here: today, we’re opening registration for the .Tuenti Challenge 6!

As usual, the contest consists of two stages. All registered participants can take part in the first stage, which is online and which will take place between April 25 and May 3; only the 10 finalists who solve the greatest number of challenges set by our engineering team will reach the second stage, which is in-person and which takes place on May 27 in our offices.

Almost 10,000 people have registered for our competitions since we launched the first edition in 2010 to spend the day and night solving the problems we set every year. This year, these problems will be focused on algorithms, reversing and optimization.

Anything else? Yes. Some of the finalists will get to form a part of our team.

Registration is open today at 13.37 h (GMT+1). In order to participate, all you need to do is register on the .Tuenti Challenge 6 website. You will find all the information contestants need to know before participating on this site, in addition to the legal bases of the competition.

For further information, here are the challenges set at previous editions. Good luck!

New design, new experience: focusing on communication

Posted on 3/02/2016 by Paul Iliffe, VP Product

.Tuenti has changed a great deal in recent years: we have gone from being Spain's largest social network to become a digital operator which is a standard-bearer for innovation, is always at the service of our customers to facilitate and enhance their communication, and which currently operates in 5 countries.

The reason for this change lies in the fact that the profile of our users has evolved dramatically during this time, with the priority now on direct communication between people - mainly through VozDigital - but also on the other communication features and products that we offer.

In our mission to enhance people's communications, we wanted to look at things from another perspective and we started working on a new version of the application with three very clear objectives:

  • We wanted an application that was made to communicate and which placed a special focus on calling;
  • An application that needed no explanation and was easy and natural for users,
  • That would involve a unique experience, both for our customers and users.

This process made us completely rethink the structure of the information and all the elements that make up our app, and led us to approach the development of the new version as if it were a completely new application, where we should only include things that comply with the principles we had defined. And so, after great teamwork involving the whole company, today we present the new version of our new application!

As part of this revamp, this new version of the app enables our users to reminisce about old times by offering the ability to create a video with the most popular photos from their .Tuenti experience which they can share on social networks. In addition, we provide the option to download all the photos in a ZIP file sorted by folders, one of the most requested features.

What's more, we are giving away 50 free VozDigital minutes so that all those users can get to know the company's new reality. Without needing to change operator or become a .Tuenti client, anyone can have their phone number in the cloud, in an app, so that you can use it on any device (phone, computer or tablet) to make calls to national and international landlines and cell phones, even without your SIM card and without GSM coverage (via a WiFi network). Whichever operator you're with.

Update the .Tuenti app and you're done!

.Our clients won’t have to pay their bill again

Posted on 2/08/2016 by Sara Lekanda, Product Marketing

Here at .Tuenti, we believe there’s strength in numbers and that’s why we want to reward those who think like us. How? By rewarding them with credit.

For every friend a client brings to .Tuenti, both will receive €10 instead of the usual €5, thanks to this promotion, which will be available until March 31.

In all other aspects, our Invite and Earn system will continue like normal. After receiving the €10, the initial client will continue to receive €0.50 a month as long as his friend continues with us. And as if that isn’t enough, if this invited friend invites other friends, the initial client will receive €0.20 for each of them. In other words, the more friends invited, the more credit you gain. No promos involved.

For example, Fulanito receives €50 for bringing five friends to .Tuenti and, if each of those friends were to invite a further five friends, Fulanito would receive €7.50 each month. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Furthermore, new clients to .Tuenti will be able to enjoy the .Double Promotion this month, which offers double the data and double the minutes for €7, the same price as always.

.In 2016 we will continue to improve our product and innovate with the latest technology in communications

Posted on 2/01/2016 by Sebas Muriel, CEO

After celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary, the team at .Tuenti would like to take stock of our path and present new strategic features in 2016, as well as the redesign of our application. For some time now we have been focused on growing our mobile operator client base (in Latin America as well as Spain) with the aim of achieving a million clients in the next few years. We will continue working towards this goal this year.

We’ve always been different to other companies on the market and this is evident in the product we develop: a product that we have continued to improve and repeat for years, based on user and client feedback, in depth analysis of usage statistics, strengthening the functions that enjoy better acceptance, and simplifying the user experience by removing the functions that are not as popular.

Since the company was founded in 2006, we have maintained our innovative spirit, evolving our business model from a social network to a distinguished mobile operator at the forefront of digital communication technology. Technology, innovation, doing things differently and challenging the sector’s status quo is in our DNA. We live in exciting times with many players – telecommunications companies and other internet and OTT companies – who develop interesting concepts. We are committed to changing things and to enriching the communication of people through a natural experience with robust and reliable technology.

In fact, on a business level, the company is in a better position than ever. In barely four years, company income has increased more than 230%. In 2011, the majority of income came from publicity on the social network in Spain (€10 million), but by 2013, more than 75% of income was the fruit of mobile telephone operations in Spain. While all income currently stems from mobile operations activity, the company has also come to enjoy an exclusive presence in Spain and been able to globalize its model via presence in five other countries, resulting in income from all markets reaching over €35 million. The company boasts more than 600,000 clients in Spain, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Mexico. We have managed to adapt a business model purely based on advertising to a subscription telecommunications model with a global client base, which has enabled us to oversee much more sustainable growth.

Innovating at the core of communications continues to be our main priority as we can see our application – particularly VozDigital – generates a much richer client experience, which in turn increases your satisfaction. That’s why our clients recommend our service more than others. Our cloudphone proposal, which is based on a common technology platform that will be progressively introduced based on the local needs of each market, is fully developed in our office on Madrid’s Gran Vía, while our team improve your experience every day by focusing on usage data and statistics and direct user and client feedback.

As such, we will shortly be launching a new version of the .Tuenti application on iOS and Android. It will present a redesign of navigation, favoring greater usability and focusing more on communication among clients and those who wish to try the service without changing their mobile company (anyone can enjoy a 50-minute trial of our telephone service on the cloud). With this new version of the application, we will be able to give back to old users of the social network what has always been theirs, facilitating the downloading of all of their photos. This doesn’t mean that users can’t continue to share photos, conversations, etc. as the application and will always be available, therefore favoring communication between all users using the chat feature, VozDigital, and all the new functions we’ll be making available in the future. This is our goal and we continue to stand by it: we will continue to work to improve the .Tuenti experience for each and every user.


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