Results of Tuenti’s programming contest

Our first National Programming Contest ended last Friday and it couldn’t have turned out better! Of the more than 3,000 participants, only 10 made it to the last stage, which took place at Tuenti’s offices. We had participants from many different places: Malaga, Barcelona, Seville, Madrid…even London. In the first portion of the final stage, the 10 finalists were shown a little bit of “Tuenti lifestyle” at a barbeque at Zaryn’s (our CEO) house. This ice-breaker allowed the participants to get to know the engineers that had put the contest together for them. The next day, this time in Tuenti’s offices, the finalists attended “master’s classes” presented by some of our best developers. The agenda:

1. Into to Development at Tuenti: From Idea to Reality (by Luis Peralta, Apps Platform Tech Lead). Information about the development process of all new features. 2. “Honey, I Shrunk Tuenti!” (by Miguel Lara, Lead Mobile Applications Engineer). Processes for planning, organizing, and testing the mobile applications. 3. Tuenti Frontend Internals (by Diego Muñoz, Senior Frontend Engineer). Evolution of Tuenti’s frontend, from the beginning to the present. 4. Web Scalability (by Guillermo Pérez, Lead Backend Engineer, and Goran Petrovic, Backend Engineer). A talk about Tuenti’s backend framework.

Posted on 7/07/2011 by After these fantastic classes, our traditional Q&A session (where a team explains new features to the rest of the company) was converted into the awards ceremony, presented by our CTO, Erik Shultink. The three winners were:

1. Rosa G. E. 2. Carlos P. A. 3. Tomás T. G.

The rest of the finalists were: Pablo M. O. Enrique G. O. Enrique O. M. Victor G. Jorge R. L. Miguel R. M. Diego S. M.

We hope all of them enjoyed the event as much as we did, and that this is the first of many contests to come. You can check out the tests, solutions, and contest statistics here.

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