Introducing Tuenti globally

Zaryn Dentzel, CEO & founder
Today we’re launching a global beta version of our social communications platform comprised of a web application (, a web app optimized for mobile (, and native applications for Android and BlackBerry. Applications for iPhone and Windows Phone will be available in the coming weeks.
This marks the beginning of Tuenti’s international expansion, now available in six new languages (German, French, Italian, Dutch, Slovak, and Czech) in addition to the already existing Spanish, English, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, and Galician versions. 
Social communications is increasingly mobile, and we’re embracing this shift with a service that is designed to be mobile-centric from the ground up while maintaining broad accessibility through a companion web application. With over six million existing mobile app users, mobility is at the core of our DNA; Tuenti goes anywhere you do.
Our new product is social done simple, a single integrated service that incorporates a globally competitive messaging service and the essential social tools for sharing photos and experiences with your real friends as “Moments” that show up on your profile. Tuenti is truly multi-platform and multi-device, so you can start a conversation on on your laptop, pick it up on your mobile phone, and continue it by logging in on a friend’s phone, allowing you to seamlessly share Moments with your friends from multiple devices. With a complete chat history available in the cloud simultaneously from any device, messages are always in sync. Information is sent securely via SSL and activity on Tuenti is never indexed in Google, a few of the many reasons that millions of users trust Tuenti with their private communications every day.

introducing the new tuenti globally
We believe that privacy controls should be dead simple; highly configurable privacy settings do not offer an advantage if the average user is unable or unwilling to navigate through them. Tuenti’s privacy model makes the basic distinction between friends—people who see everything you share—and contacts—people you can communicate with, but who do not have access to your private Moments. Why call everyone “friends” when only 20 people are really friends and the rest are just contacts?

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