Improving your photo experience

Posted on 5/20/2011 by Erin Neff, Product Manager

We’ve been thinking recently about things that might make users’ experience better when uploading, sharing, and viewing photos. Today, we’re launching some of the results of those efforts; we hope you find them useful.

Redesigning the photos page

We’ve revamped the photos page, getting rid of some less used features and focusing our attention on the important parts: photos that load quickly and are easy to tag and comment on.

Check out the new features! Especially:

  • Updated tagging format that allows you to select the name of the person you want to tag directly on top of their photo.
  • New album selector that lets you put a photo in an album directly from the photo page.
  • Improvements in photo locations that allow you to choose the place (from Tuenti Places) where you took the picture.

Select or add album during photo upload

The improvements also include the option to associate photos with an album directly from the upload process. Just select the photos you’d like to upload, choose whether to put them in a new album or one that already exists, and voilà! Your uploaded photos will appear directly in the selected album. We hope this tool makes it easier to organize all your photos. Before long we’ll add even more improvements to your photo albums!

We hope you all enjoy these updates and that you keep sharing photos on Tuenti!

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