El futuro lo decides tú ( You Decide the Future)

Posted on 5/23/2013 by Zaryn Dentzel, CEO

This is the title of my first book, coming out today, which is the first to tell the story of Tuenti. It’s not just any title, but rather one of the conclusions that can be drawn from it. The truth is, at first I wasn’t sure that the opportunity to share my story was really necessary. I didn’t want it to be interpreted as a result of vanity, but I was finally convinced when I realized that telling my story, and that of Tuenti, would be both interesting and useful.

Not surprisingly, the last chapter of the book includes 10 tips for entrepreneurs, a particularly recurring theme in these current times of crisis in which self-reinvention is a must, and in which different ways of carrying out projects, such has been our case, can inspire people to do things differently. I believe that we’ve only just begun and that the future really is full of opportunities.

I’d like to emphasize that being an entrepreneur does not mean starting a business and nothing more, but rather having a dynamic attitude that requires two things: ongoing education and persistent hard work. Entrepreneurship means facing life head on this way. I believe in working hard, being consistent, chasing after your objectives, surrounding yourself with talent, and I believe in risk – without risk, success isn’t an option. Entrepreneurship, in short, is an attitude of being responsible for yourself.

I’ve been asked about the point of the book: Tuenti’s keys to success. I believe that it has been being able to always count on a great team, working hard to provide the best communication solutions to users, and doing so with a firm belief that we’ve only just begun and that things can always be improved. We’ve actually reinvented Tuenti by putting mobile at the center of our strategy in two ways: by creating our new mobile applications (Tuenti Social Messenger) and the first social virtual mobile operator, Tuenti Móvil. Our project is one of commitment to innovation, and the story of Tuenti’s creation, definitely the most important successful Internet project in Spain, holds a plethora of useful lessons: beginning with a project that didn’t succeed, the risky decisions, the hard times and the great times.

I also believe that success comes from making decisions and from having very good priorities, focusing on specific problem solving, and by not getting distracted by everything that can be done, but rather by doing what needs to be done. We all need to keep in mind that each one of us decides a large part of what happens in the future because of the decisions we make.  You decide the future.

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