A huge thank you to our 10 million active users and 15 million registered users!

Posted on 1/21/2013 by Sebas Muriel, VP Corporate Affairs

We can do nothing but thank our users for putting their trust in Tuenti. According  to ComsCore, a company who measures online activity for AIMC and IAB, throughout the last three months, Tuenti has had an average of 10 million active monthly users. What’s more, in the last three months we have surpassed 15 million registered users all thanks to the mobile phone which has once again proven to be an extremely significant factor, accounting for 6 million individual monthly users who connect to their Tuenti profile through one of our native mobile applications. Additionally, we have another 1.4 million users who connect through our mobile site at m.tuenti.com

These figures underline the importance of mobile connection especially when, as you know, we are in the process of reinvention: developing a new Tuenti that puts mobile phones right at the very center of the picture, with new mobile applications, renovating our website and  expanding the development of our mobile operating service which is more and more integrated with the social networking platform.

The team is working hard to continuously innovate, and we are conscious that sometimes change can feel uncomfortable and strange. We are completely convinced that the results demonstrate enormous advances and noveltiesthat make it all worthwhile. Thus, we’re really grateful for how the novelties we’ve presented have been accepted and for the understanding with which we’ve been met in regards to a few delays like that of the Windows Phone app which is almost ready (see how it’s going, here). In the upcoming weeks we will continue to share new important launches as well as new features and services. What continues to help us along the way is the feedback that we receive from you. We encourage you to continue sharing your opinions and suggestions with us so that we may continue developing the ever-improving Tuenti. Thank you!

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