We’ve increased the number of international destinations you can call using VozDigital

Posted on 7/09/2015 by Juanfran Lablanca, Product Manager

Since last April our customers have been able use their VozDigital minutes to call landlines and mobiles in 24 international destinations without having to pay more. Today, we’re adding 12 more countries to that list, because we keep breaking down barriers in the telco sector and what better way than by breaking down geographical barriers.

Starting today, the following destinations will be added to the 24 international destinations announced in April: calls to landlines in Morocco, Brazil, Hungary, New Zealand, Slovakia and Estonia; calls to mobiles in Israel, and calls to landlines and mobiles in Romania, China, Poland, India, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

As always, our customers can call via the .Tuenti app (on Android or iOS) or via the web (using Chrome, Opera or Firefox browsers) without the person receiving the call needing to have the .Tuenti app installed on their mobile or needing to be a .Tuenti customer. All this without any increase in the monthly tariff.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, anyone who is registered with .Tuenti can call their friends or family around the world thanks to the 50 VozDigital minutes we’re giving away so you can try the .Tuenti experience. Without needing to change operator.

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