We have inaugurated our new online store and improved the integration with Tuenti Móvil in our app

Posted on 5/07/2014 by Christopher Grant, Product Manager

Starting today, the new Tuenti Móvil online store is fully operational. It has a new design that highlights the differentiating value of our service proposal through innovation and technology with our integrated communication app and value-added services. Another novelty is a new mobile version that is fully compatible with any device. As of today, it will be progressively operational for all users. The new store is available at www.tuentimovil.com and it offers navigation that is even simpler and more intuitive.

Today we are also launching an updated version of our Android app (4.4) that is debuting in a new category--communication in Google Play--as a result of our emphasis as a mobile communication tool.

The new version is centered on the integration with Tuenti Móvil, which has become the focus of the experience between our mobile operator customers. Tuenti Móvil customers will now have faster access to account management as well as a convenient connection to services via the app, such as requesting a SIM directly through it without having to visit our website.

When the new app is installed, Tuenti Móvil customers will be provided with a navigation tutorial that explains all the new features and benefits that are available, such as integrated management of the line (consumption control, inbox, history, etc.), free integrated voice calls, and the Zerolímites service that does not consume data allowances or credit when using our app.

This new version of the Android app also includes a free social communication tool that is available to any user, the possibility of using animated GIFs in moments or in friends' walls, as well as improvements to the application's performance and overall operation. These new features are combined with the improvements launched a few weeks ago in the free voice calling service.

We recommend that all users visit the new tuentimovil.com site and update the app, especially customers of our mobile virtual network operator, and we invite anyone who is not yet familiar with the benefits of our tool to try it and give us their feedback so we may continue building the best digital mobile communication service on the market.

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