Tuenti Móvil customers can now make international calls using VOZDIGITAL without any additional charges

Posted on 4/22/2015 by Juanfran Lablanca, Product Manager

Here at Tuenti, every day is spent working to improve and set new standards in the telco market. That’s why, today, we are presenting VOZDIGITAL international calls to 24 landline destinations and 10 mobile destinations. Among the destinations included in this first phase of international calls are the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Andorra and the Netherlands, among others.

Our customers can now make calls via the app or the Tuenti website to their friends and relatives living abroad, to both landline and mobile numbers, without them needing to have installed the app and without paying a fortune on international tariffs. These calls are included in any of the contracted rates and can be made via iOS and Android devices which support VOZDIGITAL, as well as from any computer through the Tuenti website (using the Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers).

As well as the possibility of calling from the Tuenti app to any number through GSM without worrying about the price, all tariffs include now SMS so that our customers can communicate from the app with all their contacts who don’t have the Tuenti app installed, with no extra charge. That’s why we offer 200 free SMS to our customers so they can send them to their contacts via the app.

To finish with, now with the Tuenti app (for iOS and Android) our customers can configure their voicemail depending on what they are doing. Very fast and accessible from the app. Because this version includes the “mode” feature, which allows us to show the mode in which we are to our contacts so that they know if we are available, working, traveling or daydreaming. There are some predefined modes, but you have also the option to customize it writing the message you choose, and you will be able to record a different voicemail greeting for each mode as well.

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