Are you on Erasmus in Spain? Go ahead and call home; it’s easy!

Posted on 9/15/2015 by Laura Castilla, Marketing Manager .Tuenti

We want international students to call home and tell their friends and family how good it is over here. That’s why today we’re presenting a page to make these students aware of the benefits of .Tuenti.

Because our customers can make calls to 36 international destinations, including landline and mobile numbers, at no additional cost by using VozDigital calls, which are included in any of our monthly tariffs. What’s more, anyone can try out the .Tuenti experience before signing up for a .Tuenti mobile number, without changing operator. We couldn’t make it any easier!

For all these reasons and because our corners, lifestyle and fantastic food (typical Spanish) should be shared, we urge Erasmus students to tell their friends and family without spending more. Because we know that as a student you have to avoid unnecessary expenses. That’s why .Tuenti is the perfect mobile company for international students in Spain. As well as for those who aren’t.

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