We want you to always be close thanks to mobile innovation

Posted on 12/19/2014 by Tuenti Team

Christmas is a time to be close to loved ones, and also a time for good news. We're playing our part by working every day to develop innovative proposals to make mobile communication easier.

At this time of year, we have created a special website www.tuenti.com/navidad and a music video with the actress and choreographer Pau Vázquez, in which the star uses Tuenti's multi-platform cloud service to reach out and surprise you.

At Tuenti we are committed to developing the first international telephone carrier that stands out from the rest by integrating our own app for communication and line management services in the cloud, offering added value to customers like no other carrier. Innovation is our hallmark, and following Zerolímites in 2013, this year we have once again innovated more than anyone else in the sector through the launch of VOZDIGITAL, our cloudphone experience via the Tuenti app, and through the global development of our operations with Tuenti's launch in Mexico, Peru and Argentina. And in 2015, we'll keep on innovating to the max ;)

Merry Christmas! Happy 2015!

More promos with the new programme VIP Pass of Tuenti Móvil

Posted on 12/16/2014 by Luis Sancho, Online Sales & Marketing Manager Tuenti Móvil

Just over a year ago we inaugurated Vip Pass to reward our clients, as we have also done with the “friends” programme that rewarded with 5€ of balance to each user and each of their friends that come to Tuenti Móvil. 

We have listened to our clients over the last months and this is the result. After working to obtain better discounts and exclusive promotions for the clients of Tuenti Móvil, today, we present the new VIP Pass, our loyalty programme that is now much more complete

To benefit from the VIP Pass promotions, our clients do not need to do anything.  Just by being a client they have direct access to more than 200 offers, (discounts in trips, restaurants, cinemas, etc...) that we have selected according to the suggestions and opinions we have received.

Moreover, there are not only offers one day of the week, but we now offer discounts 365 days a year.  Where are they? To know all the VIP Pass promos, the clients can access them from the “Services” section in the Mobile tab of their Tuenti account, or visiting vippass.tuenti.com after logging in with their user credentials on tuenti.com.

We hope that the new VIP Pass pleases everybody.  We continue working to develop the most innovative proposal of services on the market.

Preparing the bases of our new 4G service

Posted on 12/15/2014 by Sebas Muriel, COO

In order to assure best performance, we are going to progressively implement the service over the coming weeks.  As we already advanced, the 4G commercial offers of Tuenti Móvil will include VOZDIGITAL in all cases, even in unlimited format in some tariffs, which incorporates an important added value to the clients compared to the other proposals in the sector.

Today, we start internal engineering tests in order to be able to offer the service as and when the quality tests assure us that we can progressively open the service to our current and new clients, and that way carry out the commercialisation to all our channels.  We will individually contact each client to indicate when he or she will have access to the service, checking with them all the necessary details, because in some cases it will be necessary to change the SIM, of course without any cost to the client.

We are developing the first operator of international telephony that is different to any other by integrating our own app of communication services and management of the line in the cloud, as no other operator can. We are going to implement this new milestone with all guarantees to offer to our current and future clients the maximum speed, the maximum innovation and maximum quality in the service.

The most complete cloudphone experience with the Tuenti app

Posted on 12/11/2014 by Luis Javier Álvarez, Product Manager

In our aim to develop even more our cloudphone experience, today we are presenting version 5.6 of the Tuenti app for Android and iOS that includes important features. Now, Tuenti Móvil customers can send text messages to all their contacts from a chat, without losing track of their conversations, regardless of the channel they use to communicate.

With a completely new interface for iOS as well as Android, we have highlighted more than ever the communication options available in chats: accessing the camera, sharing a photo or location, or sending a text message, as well as recording a new video and sharing it (only available in Android). The functionality of calling a contact or sending a voice message from the chat is still available.

Aside from supporting iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iOS 5.6 includes the option of answering app-to-app calls (free application-to-application calls) directly from the notification, without having to unblock the terminal, which significantly speeds up the call connection process.

In addition, Android customers may now connect the audio of a VOZDIGITAL call through Bluetooth speakers (for example, a vehicle's hands-free system). This version also allows Tuenti Móvil customers to verify the connection quality or the remaining VOZDIGITAL minutes when they call from their native Android contacts application.

We present Bonoplus for postpaid customers

Posted on 12/10/2014 by Marta Padilla, Product Manager

At Tuenti Móvil, we continue working on developing the most complete service offering, which is why today we present for our postpaid customers the 300 MB expansion bundles for €3, 500 MB for €5, and 1 GB of data for €8 (VAT included), as well as the VOZDIGITAL Bonoplus with 50 minutes for €2, 100 minutes for €3.50, and 200 minutes for €6 (VAT included).

These new postpaid Bonoplus are in addition to the prepaid ones. Now, all our customers may top up minutes or data and continue talking or browsing at the best price. Just like the prepaid Bonoplus, the postpaid Bonoplus may also be added at any time through the app or the user's profile in the Tuenti website as many times as needed, even before running out. This means that VOZDIGITAL minutes and existing data allowances are accumulated, so any MB that are not consumed are not lost since they are activated when the 30-day Internet Bundle has run out.

All the information about Bonoplus is available in our Help section ;)


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