Happy 2013, Happy New Tuenti!

Posted on 12/31/2012 by Sebas Muriel, VP of Corporate Affairs

On behalf of the whole Tuenti team, we’d like to wish you the very best for the new year. May your dreams come true in 2013!
2012 has been a very important one for us. With mobile at the center of our strategy, we’ve presented Tuenti Móvil, the first social mobile operator, and we began the development of the new Tuenti, our web and mobile multi-platform instant messaging product and social network available in 12 languages, that allow users to chat with all of their contacts and share special moments only with real friends in a simple, secure, and private manner. 

In 2013, we’ll continue to innovate and develop the new Tuenti, Tuenti Móvil, and other new products that will, for example, further integrate social tools with our mobile operator. Many new things are in store for next year and we want to share them with all of you. Thanks for your support.

Happy new year! Happy new Tuenti!

Launching a new version of Tuenti Social Messenger for iPhone in Beta

Posted on 12/26/2012 by Paul Iliffe, Product Manager 

It’s been just over a month since we launched our Tuenti Social Messenger app for iPhone in beta. We’ve received a lot of feedback from our users since then and have been prioritizing some adjustments and developing new features based on what we’ve learned. This new version (1.1), already available from the AppStore, is optimized for iPhone 5 and iOS6, and allows users to delete their own Moments.

Tuenti Social Messneger

We’re still working on the development of new features and versions of Tuenti Social Messenger in Beta, and in a few days we’ll have important news to share.

Continued development of the New Tuenti: Web Novelties

Posted on 11/27/2012 by Phil Arkcoll, VP of Product

We're continuing to incorporate new and popular features to Tuenti’s new international web interface such as games and events. These elements are visible to all users who have registered since Tuenti’s international launch a few months ago. We have opened access to the Beta of our new web interface to a small percentage of those users who have been with us since before the launch and are still using Tuenti Classic. The new interface has a cleaner appearance and is more focused on communication tools. Like all of the products we develop, the opinion of our users is fundamental. Thus, we encourage everyone who tries the new Tuenti to send us their first impressions.

In order to make this process of change easier, we’ve created a simple transition guide that gives a step-by-step explanation of the most significant changes and those which our users will encounter the moment they start using the site in the new design. At any time, users can switch back to Tuenti Classic.

In addition, we’ve added one of our “star” features: events. Within the new design, event invitations and comments will still appear in the notifications center, and direct access can be found in the Options menu. 

We’ve also integrated Games which one of the features that users spend the most time using. Like events, suggestions for participating in new games will appear directly in the notifications center, and access to games has been simplified as they are now available directly from the universal search bar.

There’s still more: since the redesign of the Tuenti Móvil store, we’ve also updated the appearance of Tuenti Móvil accounts. From the Options tab, users can directly access the store and the profile, allowing them to control every aspect of their account including their call log and all of the online support tools.

We’re very proud of the new Tuenti, but we know that change isn’t always easy. That’s why our users will be able to switch back and forth between the new Tuenti and Tuenti Classic as many times as they’d like. Soon we’ll have more news about features in the new Tuenti which will help us to move closer to our goal of developing an international and multi-platform website for communication and mobile that is also the most simple, secure and private.

Launching the beta version of Tuenti Social Messenger for iPhone

Posted on 11/08/2012 by Phil Arkcoll, VP of Product

Tuenti Social Messenger, our mobile application that unites instant messaging with the best of our social network such as security, the privacy model, and simplicity, is now available for iPhone in its 1.0 beta version.

For our users in Spain, Tuenti Social Messenger is an additional product that comes with the current Tuenti mobile application – now known as Tuenti Classic – and is still available in the Spanish market for iPhone and integrates support on iOS6. However, the new application incorporates novelties and advantages over Tuenti Classic such as:

  • A more “present” chat with instant activity notifications and a real-time feed
  • Lower battery and data consumption
  • A cleaner design
  • Multi-platform: contacts and conversations are in the cloud
  • Simultaneous conversations on web and mobile
  • Direct import of contacts
  • More secure than Tuenti Classic and other instant messaging applications developed by other companies thanks to its use of SSL security protocol.

Tuenti Social Messenger” is still being developed in Beta and in the upcoming months will be progressively incorporating the features of Tuenti Classic, improvements, and new, more advanced features such as group chat.

The President of the Community of Madrid visits Tuenti

Posted on 11/07/2012 by Zaryn Dentzel, Founder and CEO

Today we were visited by the President of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio González; the Minister of Economy and Finance, Enrique Ossorio; the Deputy Minister, Manuel Beltrán; and Director-General of Economy, Statistics and Technological Innovation, Íñigo Gil-Casares Armada. We presented them with a tour of our offices in central Madrid, where they were able to see the new developments being worked on with some of our engineers.

Throughout the tour, they were shown the workings of our new mobile operator, Tuenti Móvil, its new website, and the new Spanish Tuenti login page, as well as the advances in the new mobile applications (Tuenti Social Messenger) that we are developing in beta phase globally in 12 languages.

After the demo, the President said a few words stressing the fact that “Tuenti is an example of a dynamic and competitive company that is growing and innovating within a context of crisis with a sustained commitment by the Region of Madrid, sending a very positive message that strengthens confidence within the business sector and attracts foreign investment that generates wealth and employment”.

In addition, the President highlighted Tuenti as success story, citing the fact that it is a company that was founded and developed in Madrid by a young team, generating quality employment and belonging to the ITC sector with high added value and that is strategic for the region, investing heavily in R+D+i.

At Tuenti, we couldn't be more satisfied with this praise which recognizes the effort and work that we dedicate daily in order to continue to grow and innovate.


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