Tuenti, face to face

Posted on 8/10/2010 by Matt ClarkProduct Manager - Tuenti

As all of our users know, Tuenti’s greatest strength is providing simple but innovative ways to keep in touch with your closest friends.  One of our most successful features for this kind of communication is Tuenti Chat, which our users use to send over 100 million messages a day.  Following up on the success of Tuenti Chat, today we announce a new feature:  Tuenti Video Chat.

With Tuenti Video Chat, users can chat face-to-face with their friends as if they were sitting right next to each other.  Two users will be able to see and hear each other in real time as long as their computers have webcams and microphones.  

The Tuenti Video Chat feature has been integrated into the rest of the Tuenti experience just like Tuenti Chat, so you can have a video chat with your friends while looking at photos or playing games on Tuenti.

Keeping your account secure

Posted on 3/09/2010 by Erin Neff User Support Lead

At Tuenti, we want to help you keep your account as secure as possible. And one of the best ways to minimize the risk of someone compromising your account is choosing a strong password and updating it frequently.

Apart from keeping it a secret, there are a number of factors that contribute to choosing a strong password, such as including both letters and numbers and using a combination of upper and lower case letters. So to help you when selecting or updating your password, we have added a "password strength indicator" that automatically detects the strength of the password you are choosing in real-time and gives tips on how to improve it. We have also implemented new password security measures, such as increasing the minimum required length to eight characters and requiring that new passwords pass a personal information security test. To learn more about steps you can take to help protect your account, we recommend reading the following tips from Google.

As part of Tuenti's initiative to help increase account security, existing users will be alerted if their current password is detected as being not strong enough and encouraged to create a new one. We encourage you to update your password regularly, which can be done from your settings page when you are logged in to your Tuenti account. Go there now and check out our new strength meter!

Open for help

Posted on 3/02/2010 by Natalia Martos Director of Legal and Privacy

For us, privacy is a fundamental argument. Everything we do is directed towards creating a safe and trustworthy atmosphere for our community of users. Because of this, we'd like to share with you an important step in our social development.

We've inaugurated a help space on Tuenti that will compile and share everything related to privacy and safety on Tuenti. This new service will allow our users and anyone else online to learn about our safety protocols and view recommendations for safer browsing.

We've also included some external resources for online privacy and best practices, made available by Spanish institutions such as the Defensor del Menor (Ombudsman for Children), Red.es or the AGPD.  We encourage you from now on to visit our new pages on Tuenti and share your thoughts with us.

How we got tuenti onto your iPhone

Posted on 3/02/2010 by Miguel Lara Encabo iPhone Developer / Senior FrontEnd Engineer

Now you can share your social experience with friends on Tuenti through your iPhone or iPod Touch.  We've integrated the entire Tuenti experience - best friends, photos, chat conversations, messages… - with an application that will allow you to keep up with all that matters, wherever you are. We've developed the application ourselves to imbue it with the spirit of Tuenti. We want for you to immediately recognize it as Tuenti and  be able to use it with the same ease with with you user our site.

Or biggest goal with this app has been to turn iPhone into a social tool, useful for any place and occasion. At Tuenti we use it all the time, when walking down the street, riding the subway, the bus, during meetings… Where are you going to use it? We've also made sure that the app is available in your preferred language: Spanish, English, Catalan, Euskera or Gallego. All you need to do is change the region of your device.

When we decided to create a Tuenti application, we asked ourselves "What do you want in an iPhone?". Every day you're able to do lots of stuff on Tuenti, but not all of these uses make sense in a device that fits the palm of your hand. Too may options on the application would overlap and create confusion.

So we looked at what the users were asking for: uploading photos, chatting with friends on the instant messaging system, viewing notifications… Then we began to develop an application tailored to your needs. We've done plenty of testing with real users before and during the development. We've also managed to create an application that integrates seamlessly with your way of using an iPhone or iPod Touch: clear, organized, intuitive.

We also asked ourselves: "What can the iPhone bring to Tuenti?". Everyone within this company is excited about the mobile possibilities, the multitouch interface, the camera and GPS on iPhone and iPod Touch. That's why we let you take one picture after another and upload them directly, use gestures to flip through them on Tuenti… But let's not forget that this is a mobile device: the screen is small and you need to make the best of it, as with the limited battery time and the gestures that have to be interpreted. This is but the first version of the application. We have a ton of ideas for the future, and we're always open to any suggestions you would like to give us.

You may download the application by visiting this link.

In the Catosphere

Posted on 3/02/2010 by We just got back from Granollers, were participaded in Catosfera. For a couple of days we've been learning from great names of the Internet like Ignacio Escolar, Albert García Pujadas or Marc López. We also presented, for the first time, our growth figures for Cataluña. In 2009 our userbase there grew 175%, we also have about 60.000 people using Tuenti in Catalan.


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