We are a million customers in Tuenti!

Posted on 9/19/2017 by Jorge Sánchez, Director Tuenti Global & Business Development Novum

Yes, our Tuenti family has reached one million! And what a journey!

Something that started as a vision of a few colleagues, when not long ago Tuenti decided to put one of the best product & engineering teams to develop what we called the Cloudphone Company in order to provide the best digital experience available in a Telco, has proven to be complete aligned with the present and future of the industry.

At the time we started our first operation in Spain, the concept of a SIM-less and all-device digital experience in a mobile carrier was a breakthrough, yet the logical path for those thinking that Telco will be all-digital in no time. Now it's great to see many examples of this type of evolution in many markets and players, which is enriching the debate, the alternatives, the technology... and, most importantly, the customer experience.

However, the best is the team. And this big portion of the team's attitude and enthusiasm that permeates into our customers in so many different ways. I am proud to say that the best brand ambassadors that I've ever seen are the people who actually work in Tuenti -in all our operations- sharing a "let's do it" culture. We are young, digital, transparent, free, simple, disruptive, reliable, innovative, bold, sometimes a bit saucy and always fun. Our customers are sharing all this, they are in fact the reason of it, and they are feeding us back with best-in-class loyalty and satisfaction ratios.

We started with a strong vision, and the diversity attained with the teams in Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Perú and recently Guatemala has made us much stronger. We think big everyday. Did you know that the image of Tuenti in Ecuador, a cool rabbit, is actually a rockstar, a nation-wide celebrity and even participated in the Latin Billboard Awards? This is just an example of the thrill and trust that Tuenti is generating, fuelled by a product experience like no other. We will never stop being different, it's in our DNA.

Obviously, this is not about a million customers only. It's rather about putting the best of innovation applied to communications in the hands of everybody. And this is what Tuenti is doing. Let me give you another example: we are giving their own cloudphone to anyone who downloads the Tueni app in Spain or Ecuador, allowing them to call to any national number (and some international too) with their own line. As simple as it sounds, you will enjoy free calls from any device without changing your operator or number. Ready to try out?

All in all, looking into the future with great expectation, we do not settle for all that we have accomplished. In Tuenti we are now focusing and sparing no efforts in order to reach many more people and customers very soon, and provide them with the opportunity to enjoy the same experience that all Tuenti customers have now.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who placed unrelenting confidence in this project from the beginning, and also to those who joined along the way. We have demonstrated that we can grow very big. And this is just the start, there is much more to come.

1.000.000 THANKS!

The new cell phone brand Tuenti has arrived in Guatemala!

Posted on 6/27/2017 by Jorge Sánchez, Director of Tuenti Global

Today we're celebrating because we've just launched a new Tuenti operation in Latin America. This time in Guatemala where we're presenting the new cell phone brand Sin Pajas!, which means without complications or obligations.

In line with our 100% digital strategy and positioning for all our operations, Tuenti in Guatemala is presenting itself as the prepaid solution focused on a segment of young people who want to always be connected.

As part of its value proposition, the brand will offer cell service with no contract or obligations, totally digital customer service 24/7 via the app chat, that empowers users to control how much data they consume, and a commercial offer based in combos.

Today at Tuenti Argentina, Ecuador, Spain and Peru, we officially welcome the Guatemalan team to the family as we embark on the new sin pajas adventure of Tuenti in Guatemala. If you want to know more, don't miss this video.

New features for Tuenti to Tuenti calls

Posted on 3/17/2017 by Dario Alonso, Product Manager

You were crying out for it - with the battle, troll and bird filter! - and we got the message. Today, we are launching a range of significant improvements for Tuenti to Tuenti calls via the app which we have briefly summarized below:

  • We have added the option to save the calls, as is already the case with VozDigital calls that are made via the app. These calls will also be saved in the information activity of the contact you are calling and can be marked as favorites, renamed or deleted.
  • Voice filters are also coming to unlimited Tuenti to Tuenti calls via the app. Why?… Why not?
  • Finally, we have significantly improved the technical quality of the calls, which are more stable and don't get cut off.

We've kept it brief, right? ;) These new features are now available in the latest version of the app. Update it now!

Set as favorite, rename or delete saved VozDigital calls

Posted on 2/13/2017 by Vanessa Hoya, Product Manager, & Jessica López, Designer

We love to use the product and sometimes just for fun. In fact, the player for VozDigital calls saved in the app presented today is a result of that pleasure.

The winner project in the Product category of the past Hack Me Up 29 was the redesign of the saved call player we made, which is very similar to this one, and just months later, is out!
Thanks to this new design, our clients can locate all calls saved from the contact profile without having to navigate throughout the chat history, with which you can now easily relive those great saved moments. We have also included 3 new functions: set as favorite, rename or delete. Now there´s no excuse for forgetting ;)

A little more than a year ago we launched this function and we have already registered more than 3 million saved calls, with an average duration of 1 minute 37 seconds. Of course, there are also top clients that save very long calls, like our buddy Mr. blabber-mouth that saved a 7 hour and 38 minute call. Thank you!

New simpler and more visual contact profile design on Tuenti

Posted on 2/08/2017 by Vanessa Hoya, Product Manager

Today, we at Tuenti are introducing a new phonebook contact profile design for customers in Argentina, Ecuador, Spain and Peru that gives greater importance to the information that our customers share with their contacts.

So, in addition to introducing a much simpler and more visual design, the customer can access photos shared with that contact via chat and the history of their saved calls from a single screen, as well as inviting them to download the app if they don't already have it in order to enjoy unlimited Tuenti to Tuenti calls and chat.

And, as always, there will still be shortcuts from the contact profile to chat and calls, both on Tuenti (free) and VozDigital.

This design is now available on Android and on the web, and will soon be available on iOS devices as well.


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