The mobile company that questions everything

We were founded in 2006 and quickly became the most successful technology company in the history of the internet in Spain. Currently, we are a mobile company that strives to change the game in the telecommunications sector by doing things our way. We have matured and adapted our image to our new reality: the reality of being a mobile company that questions everything.

  • More for less

    All of our rates include international calls, calls from abroad using Wi-Fi and 200 text messages. Therefore, we offer much more than you ever expected.

  • The cell without a cell

    Call anyone in your contacts list using your number, even if you don’t have your cell phone with you. With Tuenti, your number and contacts can be viewed on any cell phone, computer or tablet.

  • We’re in the palm of your hand

    You control your consumption with the Tuenti app: manage your services and contact us immediately using the chat feature.

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