Tuenti: Social, Simple, Mobile

Chat and share

Tuenti is much more than a social network. It’s also the first 2.0 telecommunications company. We’ve integrated our virtual mobile operator, Tuenti Móvil, with the most innovative social communication multi-platform network.

Tuenti helps you share experiences with the people that really matter to you - your real friends - in the simplest way possible. Our mobile and web multi-platform apps also let you chat for free and in real time with whoever you want, privately and securely. Tuenti Móvil users can call, chat, and share for free, and enjoy unique management functionalities with our app.

You decide how

  • Call

    Our mobile service is an expansion of our communications platform with a voice- and data-centered offer adapted to meet users’ demands. Do you talk Tuenti?

  • Chat

    We’ve combined the best communication features in a single app. Send free real-time messages to anyone, and share photos and updates with your real friends.

  • Share

    Our social network incorporates the simplest, securest, most private social tools to share the moments that matter with the people you care about.

You decide where

Access Tuenti from your computer at tuenti.com or from your smartphone using one of our native apps. Chat with anyone and share with your friends from any device, anytime. Download Tuenti’s mobile app now!

If your phone isn’t compatible with the app, you can join the 1.5 million monthly users on our mobile site at m.tuenti.com. »

You decide who

Communicate with all the people in your mobile phonebook using free chat messages. And we understand that not all of them are equally important to you, so you can choose to add them as friends or contacts. Share with your friends, chat with everyone else.

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